Big Dog in a Big City

Born in a small town in the mountains of N.C., you could say that I’m a mountain dog. Well, I would actually say that I’m an “everywhere” dog. I’ve lived in the mountains, visited the beach, lived in an University town and now I am living in a new city.

Ahh, Raleigh, N.C. The City of Oaks. I have lived here for the past few months and I have loved getting to know the great things it has to offer. One of my favorite places I have gone thus far definitely has to be the Dorothea Dix Park. IMG_5280.jpg

Dorothea Dix Park is located right on the edge of Downtown Raleigh, and it overlooks the skyline. Absolutely breathtaking! The best part was, there were acres and acres of land where I could just frolic and play, and be the cute dog that I am. IMG_5298 (1).jpg

As you can see, I had quite the time of my life at this place, and Mom seemed to love it, too. She kept smiling the whole time I was there because she loved seeing me run free and be able to enjoy being a dog, aka sniffing everything, rolling in geese poop and chasing after the ball.

I really want to try other places in and around Raleigh that are doggy friendly, and I would love to meet other Raleigh pups and their humans. I will probably just sniff your butt and then attack your face with kisses, but it’s cool.

I will keep you updated with new adventures in this life of being Holden.

With grass eating and goose watching,
Holden the Golden

IMG_5317 (1).jpg

Here Kitty Kitty

Meow. Meow. Meow. Me-OWW my ears hurt, please tell that thing to SHUT UP.

Yep. You heard it right. I, Holden the Golden, am now not the only golden child. Okay, let’s not be silly, I will always be Mom’s favorite. But now’s the time I have to let you know that I am not the only child anymore. Before  I tell you about how I feel about this cat, let me give you a back story.

When my mom was home for Christmas break during her freshman year at UNC, she noticed a beat up, homely and sick kitty that had been eyeing the house for a few days. Her and her mom had actually seen it around the neighborhood for a few years at that point, but never this close to the house. Well, you should know this by now, but Mom has a huge heart for animals. So what does she do? Obnoxiously snaps her fingers and coaxes the mangy thing over to her. I can just see her now.. “Here kitty kitty, let me love you..” Wutever, Mom. Somehow the kitty trusted her and just came up to her. He was covered in burrs, his ears were bleeding and he was matted all over.
image1.JPGThe amazing thing about this kitty is that he let my mom cut out dozens of those burrs and let her feed him. He was so hungry. He must have eaten out of garbage cans for years at this point. However, he seemed to appreciate having a human help him so much that he was purring the entire time, acting as though he knew she was helping him.

The entire time my mom was home for Christmas break, all she wanted to do was help this poor little guy. He wasn’t allowed to come into the house, but Mom and her mom made him a spot in the garage, where he ended up calling home for four years. He was fed, brushed and loved, but mom knew as soon as she had the time, she wanted to make this kitty hers.

… And here we are today. About a week and a half ago, Mom and I went home to Morganton, NC. I’ve met this kitty multiple times now, and let’s just say the first few meetings were not fun. I was so unbelievably cute, spunky and energetic that this kitty had no idea what to think about me. Somehow, he only bopped me on the nose like twenty times… When it was time to come back to Raleigh, I hopped into Mom’s Jeep, and SO DID THE CAT.

He cried for the entire first hour. Like come on cat, car rides are SO MUCH FUN. But we eventually made it home and I knew as soon as we pulled out Mom would surely just let the cat go. He was not coming into MY house.

Boy, was I wrong. He just walked right in there. And made himself right at home. He just plopped right on down. Are you kidding me? This is MY house. FullSizeRender-2.jpgI have to confess. I was and still am a little jealous of the cat. Like who does he think he is, just acting like he owns the place? I know what you’re thinking. He’s had a tough life and I need to be nice. Well, I must listen to you because the kitty and I have actually been getting along GREAT. I swear that he thinks he is a dog. He always wants to be right where everyone is and he even likes to play with my tail.
So life right now is quite the adjustment. I get jealous anytime Mom pets the cat, so I have to make sure I always get to her first. You can just imagine how much she loves me being all over her, all the time!!!!

I can’t wait to keep you updated on my upcoming adventures. Stay tuned for more things coming our way.

With cat food and belly rubs,
Holden the Golden & Kitty the Kitty