Hanging with the Clefs

Am I a dog? Yes. Can I sing? Yes. Okay maybe not. However, my new friends, the Clef Hangers, sure can. In case you didn’t know, The Clef Hangers are the oldest A Capella group at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and are known around the world. They recently performed for the President of Iceland?! Yeah, I know crazy stuff right.

A while ago, I chatted with one of the Clefs asking if they would help me out with my UNC Bucket List. Not knowing if they would have time for me in their busy schedule, I was ecstatic when I finally found out I was going to meet them! On my Last Day of Class, I met the Clefs at the Old Well.


So apparently the ladies love the Clefs. Little did I know, when I met them at the Old Well, there were about 300 people there watching them. Maybe more, but since I’m a dog I have a hard time counting. Let’s just say I was happy to steal a little of the attention from my new friends.

The Clef Hangers dedicated a very beautiful song to me. Can you guess what it was? Yes. “Let It Go”. This song is definitely supposed to have a beautiful meaning, but they knew I was a dog and have to let it go a lot. HA THEY ARE SO CLEVER.

My mom and I only fangirled for like 20 minutes. It’s cool. Thanks guys for including me and helping me cross off another item on my Bucket List. It was definitely one I will always remember!

With harmony and wet kisses,
Holden the Golden


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