Bachelors of Science in Food Scavenging

Sure, I’m a dog. But I have feelings, and this is about to be super sentimental. Yesterday, my mom and I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. How were we so lucky and fortunate to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country? I am still trying to figure that out. I know that I am just a fluffy golden retriever, but this place has made me feel like it’s somewhere I belong. Somewhere I can always call home. I would walk along the brick sidewalks everyday. I would sit in the Pit. I celebrated my first birthday in the Upper Quad. I began to recognize hundreds of faces that would was allowed to give kisses and I would get some back. This place was the most special place I could have ever imagined calling home. But now we have to leave.

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They say you can always come back. You better believe I will be visiting as much as I can. I will always cherish the people saying “Oh my gosh, is that Holden the Golden?” and “Can I get a selfie?” But really, I will miss the unconditional love I received from so many students and faculty members. You made me feel as though I was the coolest and most loved dog in the entire world.

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Oh and yes, I had my own cap and gown. I know what you’re thinking. But trust me, it’s totally normal. My mom and I got to live out own inner Elle Woods and Bruiser. However, I am just a tiny bit bigger.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey while at this wonderful institution. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me feel as though I am important. I will always remember this time of my life. And when I come to visit, I will most likely remember you and give you wet kisses, as long as you give me some in return. As I’ve said before, my name is Holden the Golden and I will FOREVER be a Tar Heel.

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With a heavy, happy heart and listening to “Gone to Carolina in my Mind”,
Holden the Golden
Bachelors of Science in Food Scavenging
Minor in Sock Eating and Belly Rub Participation

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