And then God made Bacon

Thank you God for Bacon. Thank you for its juicyness, yumminess, and mouth watering ability.

So today, I found out that my parents have really been lying to me this whole time. I’m not going to lie, Beggin’ Strips are WHERE ITS AT, but today I got to eat the real thing. Real bacon. At Merritts.


So I walk up to Merritt’s Store and Grill, home of the famous BLT’s, and knew that it was going to be an all time favorite. I could smell the bacon from across the street and my little puppy brain almost couldn’t handle it.

After I ordered my sandwich, I had to wait in line for the yummy goodness. Waiting just about killed me because OMG it’s bacon people. But then, it was here.

I don’t know whether to cry because it’s so beautiful or to eat it in one bite. 

BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON. You know that commerical for Beggin’ Strips that goes along the lines of “OH MY GOD IT’S BACON I LOVE YOU”? Yeah, well that was me today.

I chose the latter. All mine.

So Mom really has been holding out on me this whole time. She was supposed to just get me one piece of bacon but when she was busy looking at her camera, I decided to eat the entire sandwich… whoops #sorrynotsorry.  I even tried to snatch some of hers, too, but lord knows what happens if you try to eat your woman’s food.IMG_0568 (1).jpg

You could say that checking this item off of the UNC Bucket List was very rewarding for me! Not so much for my mom (she said I already have some major stinky toots…) *shrugs shoulders*

Thank you Merritt’s for the best bacon in the world and for being such a wonderful place many UNC students love.

With sour dough bread and bacon toots,
Holden the Golden

He’s Not Here, but Holden Is

Man, it sure has been a great, but long few weeks. You humans will often say that calls for a nice cold beer. Well, turns out dogs like to turn up, too. Last week, I thought I’d make my way to Pint Night at He’s Not Here. All you UNC folks know about the beloved He’s Not, but for you who don’t, it is a wonderful bar that is also dog friendly. *snaps* *I can’t snap* *high five?* *score*


I’ve been wanting to make it to He’s Not for a while, since I’ve heard about a lot of cute pups being there. I finally got to go!

This beer tastes a lot like water?!

Everyone was so friendly and I actually got to meet a lot of other dogs, too. Unfortunately since I am only one year old, I couldn’t get a beer. Looks like I have about 20 more to go.

Don’t worry guys , I got us a table. 

I’m so glad that I got to check another item off of my bucket list. I only have a few more to go! I am so sad that I have only one more month of calling Chapel Hill my home. But I guess I will always be a Tar Heel For Life.

With wings and yuengling,
Holden the Golden

IMG_0358 (3).jpg