Biscuit from Sunrise? Check!

Hey friends!

Lately, I’ve really been craving chicken. And cheese. And biscuits. Well, everything actually. But today I was ready to fill this craving. I knew exactly where I had to go: Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Sunrise has been featured in the movie Bad Grandpa and happens to be a favorite among most UNC students. So should I let being a dog get in the way of it being my favorite, too? Absolutely not.

“Um, hi, yes. I will take your yummiest of biscuits, please. No I am not a dog. Carry on.”

I make my way down to the drive through, and gave them my order, which was the Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit, obviously. I could tell that they were having a hard time understanding what I was saying.. I’m not really sure why (humans can be so silly sometimes). Once I placed my order, it was time to wait my turn in line.


I patiently waited for my turn, like any fine chap.


I handed them my Visa, and knew it was game time. Time to see what this Sunrise craze is all about.




So, today I got to check my first item off of my UNC Bucket List, and it was awesome (and tasted pretty awesome, too). Being a dog is GREAT. Make sure to stay tuned for my next adventure. For now, I have to go get ready.. I have a date next week with a cute girl name Bailey. She’s younger than me, but it’s totally cool. I heard we may meet on the football field?

Hugs and slobbery kisses,
Holden the Golden

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