Meet Me at Kenan

I thought eating the biscuit from Sunrise was the best day ever, but boy was I wrong. Today was by far the best day of my life. And here’s why.

For the past four months, I’ve been crushing on this girl. She has these gorgeous brown eyes and the smoothest coat, I couldn’t help myself from staring at her. Her name is Bailey and I knew I wanted to get to know her a little better. I would see her around the apartment complex, but always wanted to play it cool. But the other day I happened to be brave and finally asked her on a date. I didn’t know what she would say, but luckily for me, she said YES. Turns out she is a Tar Heel, too! We decided we would meet on the Kenan Memorial Football field, because that’s what everyone does, right?


I told her I would wait for her at the 50-yard-line, and that’s exactly what I did. You could say my heart was pounding because I knew what was about to happen.

Oh my dog, she’s here, she’s actually here! I didn’t know if she would actually show up since we are dogs and we can’t really talk, but SHE’S HERE! You can’t fight love, my friends. We checked each other out a little bit, and did lots of sniffing. That’s when I knew it was game time.


Wow she’s really going for it. You know when your palms are sweaty and you can’t really feel your feet and you’re like omg what’s happening? That was basically happening to me except I don’t have hands and my feet are furry. This bronzed babe was all in, and you could say my confidence sky rocketed.

Since she was going for it, I decided I probably should, too, so I gave her a big ole slobbery kiss. With tongue (don’t tell my mom). It was such a wonderful date and I ended it by asking if she would be my girlfriend. Yeah, I know. Things are moving pretty quickly I guess, but when you know, you know.

So now it’s Holden and Bailey ready to conquer all of life’s tricks, catching balls, eating chicken, and being dogs. We walked and wagged out of the stadium singing “Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices, Ringing clear and true..” Just kidding we can’t sing. However, I did check the second item off of my Bucket List, so I would say this day was a Win.

With Chicken and Stuffed Animals,
Holden the Golden

Biscuit from Sunrise? Check!

Hey friends!

Lately, I’ve really been craving chicken. And cheese. And biscuits. Well, everything actually. But today I was ready to fill this craving. I knew exactly where I had to go: Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Sunrise has been featured in the movie Bad Grandpa and happens to be a favorite among most UNC students. So should I let being a dog get in the way of it being my favorite, too? Absolutely not.

“Um, hi, yes. I will take your yummiest of biscuits, please. No I am not a dog. Carry on.”

I make my way down to the drive through, and gave them my order, which was the Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit, obviously. I could tell that they were having a hard time understanding what I was saying.. I’m not really sure why (humans can be so silly sometimes). Once I placed my order, it was time to wait my turn in line.


I patiently waited for my turn, like any fine chap.


I handed them my Visa, and knew it was game time. Time to see what this Sunrise craze is all about.




So, today I got to check my first item off of my UNC Bucket List, and it was awesome (and tasted pretty awesome, too). Being a dog is GREAT. Make sure to stay tuned for my next adventure. For now, I have to go get ready.. I have a date next week with a cute girl name Bailey. She’s younger than me, but it’s totally cool. I heard we may meet on the football field?

Hugs and slobbery kisses,
Holden the Golden

Senior Bucket List: Holden Edition

So everyone always talks about how you should create a bucket list to complete while in college. Well, I’m late in the game (because I’m a dog duh), but have decided that I want to be more involved in The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s community.

My mom, who happens to also be a senior at UNC, has compiled a bucket list for me to complete in our remaining months here. Those who are students will know that much of these have become quite tradition here, but those of you who aren’t aware of them, I would love for you to become a part of this wonderful community and follow my journey as I complete my UNC Bucket List.


Are you ready for this?

  1. Get a Chicken and Cheddar Biscuit from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen
  2. Get a kiss on the 50-yard line in Kenan Memorial Stadium
  3. Meet Chancellor Carol L. Folt
  4. Eat the world’s best frozen yogurt from YoPo
  5. Eat a hot dog from Sup Dogs
  6. Get serenaded by the Clef Hangers
  7. High five Roy Williams (go heels!)
  8. Get a BLT from Merritt’s Store and Grill
  9. Drink a Blue Cup from He’s Not Here
  10. Get my picture taken at Sutton’s Drug Store
  11. And finally, graduate.

I am determined to make the BEST of my remaining time here and can’t wait for you to follow along on this journey. Stay tuned over the next few months because this is going to be pawsome (yep I said it but once again I’m a dog so its cool).

My name is Holden the Golden, and I’m a Tar Heel.


Living the Golden life as Holden

Hi Guys!

Wow, I don’t even know where to start, other than to say how excited I am to share my amazing life with yall. First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Holden the Golden Retriever, and I live a luxuriously golden life in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I was born on March 20, 2015 so I am a little over 10 months old. The day my mom picked me up, we instantly became best friends and the bond only continues to grow. It’s hard for me to pick what my favorite things are because honestly I love everyone and everything (except the vacuum.. like I can’t even begin to explain how scary that monster is). But to start, I am obsessed with going on long walks, hot dogs, and anything that squeaks. Belly rubs are the awesome and getting my ears scratched is like THE BEST EVER.

So. This is me. Holden the Golden. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you as we go through this thing called life. As for now, I’ll just be living the Golden life as Holden.